Tennis elbow compression strap garments do they help?

Straps are cheap and fast ways to help tennis elbow pain

As discussed in previous articles Elbow pain is likely caused by Lateral epicondylitis otherwise known as Tennis Elbow. The nagging and relentless pain from tendentious is a common but difficult condition to treat. Tennis elbow compression strap and garments can be a game changer.

A new study published recently assessed the efficacy of these devices in a group of 52 subjects with lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow). The study examined the amount of pain-free grip strength and maximum grip strength in subjects with a variety of tennis elbow straps, including a placebo strap.

Participants in the study of Lateral epicondylitis found that they experienced between 16 and 20% more strength verses not using a Tennis elbow compression strap. The study also found that grip strength was also increased by 10% when using a strap correctly. That significant amount of pain reduction can be the difference between hanging up your Tennis shoes for the season or being able to continue playing.

Tennis elbow straps reduce pain and swelling

Straps work by reducing strain and tension of the muscles where they attach to the Lateral epicondylitis. By compressing the muscle and tendon over the joining area where the tendon is attached to the bone; much of the stress on the tendon is eliminated. This allows the user to continue their activities and limiting the pain at the same time.

Tennis elbow compression strap

Straps do not cure tennis/golf elbow they just allow people who suffer with mild cases to continue their activities. The only way to prevent tendentious is to strengthen the forearm muscles and to warm up and stretch the muscles before activity.

The bottom line is that Tennis Elbow, Golfers Elbow and Weight Lifters Elbow can effectively be managed using some sort of Tennis elbow compression strap or device. To stop tendentious will require effort on your part in the form of dedicating time for performing stretching and strengthening of the forearm muscles.

Remember that If you have a severe case of tendentious in your elbow you may need to take a break from whatever exercise is causing it and follow our quick rehab guide. Once the inflammation subsides follow our forearm strengthening exercises and you will avoid future issues with tendonitis of the Extensor Carpi Radialis Tendon.