Which tennis elbow straps will work best?

tennis elbow strap

There are many tennis elbow straps available on the market. Many are good but many miss the boat when it comes to supporting your tendons during exercise or regular use.

How Do Tennis Elbow Straps work

The tennis elbow strap contains a plastic cap which is used to press against the tendons where they meet the elbow bone. This type of strap will hold the tendons in place and help to reduce swelling. Many makers of elbow straps produce a soft wrap that covers and compress’s the elbow but these straps are not able to hold the tendon in place. This leads to more pain and wear and tear on the elbow tendons.

A hard capped elbow strap may feel more uncomfortable and constricting but it needs to be in order to do it’s job which is to hold the tendon in place and reduce the amount of load that is carried by the tendons in your elbow.

Check tennis elbow straps for correct fit and that they have enough structure to support the tendon. All of the straps we recommend on elbowpainsolutions.com are top quality and will do what they are designed to do. You can feel comfortable ordering any product mentioned within our site. In order to find a good fit the strap should be fitted snugly around the upper forearm near the elbow. The hard cap of the strap should be placed over the painful area of your elbow which generally is the top to the left side of your forearm.

When the strap is engaged and the arm is under strain you should feel the cap pushing down into the upper forearm, this is exactly where you want it to fit.

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